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Editorial Team

Editors in Chief

Lindsay Chong

Lindsay is a sophomore from Irvine, California interested in public policy and political science. She is excited to work with a team of editors, contributing to a journal that showcases the interplay between science, society, and technology. 

Amanda Koong

Amanda is a biology major, and part of the class of 2021. She hails from Mountain View, California, and is interested in pursuing a career in the field of medicine. Her favorite part of being in Intersect is reading and learning about the uniquely interesting and creative ideas presented by peers, both from Stanford, and all around the world. She has learned an extraordinary amount during her time in Intersect regarding the role various fields of science play in society. 

Senior Editors

Ian Gunady

Ian is a Mechanical Engineering major graduating in 2019. He is excited to work on interdisciplinary topics with a diverse group of editors. He is also a researcher in the Mechanical Engineering Department's Flow Physics and Computational Engineering Group. His interdisciplinary work focuses on experimental fluid mechanics and leverages advanced medical imaging techniques. He hopes to help students use multiple perspectives from various fields to strengthen their work.


Elena Berman

Elena (she/her) is a Computer Science major and Modern Languages minor from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She believes that communication is extremely important, and student research is awesome. Her favorite part of being an Intersect editor is reading interesting papers!

Lindsay Chong

Lindsay is a freshman from Irvine, CA who has a strong interest in public policy and political science. She hopes to explore the impact of technology on legislation. She is excited to work with a team of editors and peer reviewers, contributing to a journal that showcases the interplay between society and technology.

Roy Ghosh

Roy is a freshman from Allentown, Pennsylvania, majoring in bioengineering. He is interested in global health and biodesign innovation, particularly within the intersection of AI and healthcare. Roy joined Intersect to help students and early researchers communicate, showcase, and popularize their work.

Angela Lee

Angela is a senior from Orange County, CA majoring in Psychology and Communication. She is passionate about understanding the ways that humans interact with each other and with technology in order to best shape interventions that support user well-being. As part of Intersect, she hopes to use her love for writing and research to share faculty and student work on science in society with the community at large.

Noah Louis-Ferdinand

Noah is a writer and student of medical anthropology. He became interested in Intersect because of how it allows authors to use anthropological method to study popular American culture as it evolves as well as how it is actively shaped. Additionally, Noah enjoys editing as an opportunity to help students develop unique and powerful arguments about the impact of contemporary technology.

Adam O'Regan

Adam, a Junior from the Bay Area, is double majoring in biology and anthropology. He is fascinated by biology, but remains passionate about social justice and human rights. Adam initially became interested in editing for Intersect after spending a summer working for an NGO that studies the social and political implications of biotechnologies. He hopes to continue contributing to this cross-discipline conversation while on staff for the journal.

Advait Patil

Advait is a sophomore from San Jose, CA, with a deep interest in bioengineering and medical innovations, along with how they can be translated out of the lab and their ethical implications. Through Intersect, he is interested in facilitating discussion of current and new work as it pertains to influencing society, and fostering dialogue and ideas about how to understand and treat novel scientific and technological developments.

Jonathan Sepulveda

Jonathan is a freshman from Orlando, FL deeply interested in the crossroad of physics and bioengineering. While currently deciding his major, Jonathan is pursuing research in electrochemistry and taking coursework in biology. He describes having joined Intersect as an opportunity to do more beyond interacting with fellow peers in the quest for refining our knowledge about how society receives, and uses emergent biotechnologies that utilize important physical principles in their design. He also enjoys reading, and listening to philosophical ideas.

Graphic Designer

Photo of Jeramiah Mario-William Winston

Jeramiah Mario-William Winston

Growing up in Inglewood, CA, Jeramiah was convinced that he would be bio major in college. A month after enrolling in Stanford, surprising himself, he happily majored in visual art, which is where his true passion lay. However, keeping his interest in science, he found himself drawn to the many scientifically interesting ideas found in Intersect. As the intersect cover artist, Jeramiah loves to use his artistic talent to visually represent  ideas and concepts found in intersect's various STS papers.