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Editorial Team

Editors in Chief

Photo of Aviva Klein Meyers

Aviva Klein Meyers

Aviva is a sophomore from Laguna Beach, CA. Currently undeclared, she is debating between Earth Systems and Science, Technology, and Society as a major. She joined Intersect because of her interest in the humanitarian potential of science and technology and her love of writing. As a senior editor focusing on publicity, Aviva enjoys collaborating with authors in editing their submissions, building the presence of Intersect and other journals on campus, and working with the rest of the editor team.

Picture of Cindy Liu

Cindy Liu

Cindy is a sophomore from San Jose, CA majoring in Biomedical Computation. Her love of writing stems from being part of the journalism program in high school. She is also particularly interested in the way computer science and technology impact biomedical research and healthcare. As an editor of Intersect, Cindy looks forward to learning more about the intersection between society and various scientific fields. She also hopes to help undergraduate students showcase their research and writing in the journal.

Senior Editors

Picture of Brian Chu

Brian Chu

Brian is a junior from San Francisco with academic interests at the intersection of chemistry, biology, and medicine. He is looking forward to editing Intersect for a second year, now as a senior editor! His favorite parts of editing is bringing out the best content from the authors.


Photo of Raga Ayyagari

Raga Ayyagari

Raga is a senior from Coppell, TX majoring in Human Biology. She is interested in exploring the connections between environmental sustainability, education, and and public health. She is passionate about translating science into meaningful action through her involvement various research projects and public service groups on campus. As an editor in Intersect, she is looking forward to supporting a community of interdisciplinary researchers.

Photo of Max Chang

Max Chang

Max is a rising sophomore studying Computer Science. He has always been interested in how to better apply technology to solving society’s problems and was initially drawn to Intersect for that reason. Max’s favorite part about Intersect—besides the all-star team—is being able to read the unique perspectives from Intersect submissions and learn from others on how they think technology might reshape tomorrow’s society.

Lara Elcavage

Lara was born and raised in the Bay Area, attending high school in Palo Alto. She is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering and hopes to focus on the biotechnology aspect of this branch of engineering. As an Intersect editor, she enjoys interacting with peer reviewers and hearing their diverse and sometimes conflicting opinions on student research.

Picture of Callie Hoon

Callie Hoon

Callie is a sophomore double majoring in Science, Technology, and Society, and History. She was born in Singapore and attended boarding school in Deerfield, MA, where she fell in love with historical writing as a storytelling device. At Stanford, Callie is intrigued by biotechnology and healthcare, and their intersections with culture and politics. Callie joined Intersect to contribute to this dialogue between the sciences and humanities. She hopes to encourage students to respond reflectively to modern technological challenges, and extend their inquiry across various scholarly fields.

Photo of Christina Pan

Christina Pan

Christina is a sophomore from Cupertino, CA who is majoring in Computer Science. She is interested in the intersection of technology and business, especially regarding the realm of computer science and Artificial Intelligence. In fact, Christina joined Intersect to help contribute to the dialogue surrounding the application of technology in business. She also loves discovering and learning more about new and exciting topics that span various fields.

Photo of Travis Ramirez

Travis Ramirez

Travis is a sophomore from Corona, California. He is majoring in Human Biology and also pursuing a minor in history. Travis is interested in medical ethics and the future implications of new biotechnologies. He desires to learn about historical scientific controversies to better understand modern and future technology. Travis joined Intersect to share scientific breakthroughs and discoveries with communities who are not exposed to this type of information. 

Graphic Designer

Photo of Jeramiah Mario-William Winston

Jeramiah Mario-William Winston

Growing up in Inglewood, CA, Jeramiah was convinced that he would be bio major in college. A month after enrolling in Stanford, surprising himself, he happily majored in visual art, which is where his true passion lay. However, keeping his interest in science, he found himself drawn to the many scientifically interesting ideas found in Intersect. As the intersect cover artist, Jeramiah loves to use his artistic talent to visually represent  ideas and concepts found in intersect's various STS papers.

Book Reviewer

Photo of Joseph Satish

Joseph Satish

Joseph Satish is a doctoral student working on Science, Technology and Society Studies (STS) at the Centre for Knowledge, Culture and Innovation Studies in the University of Hyderabad, India. He has previously conducted research on social entrepreneurship, on innovations in higher education and was instrumental in setting up India's first digital repository on livelihoods training resources. His writings have appeared in renowned publications such as The Hindu Survey on Agriculture and has presented papers at international conferences. With a degree in electronics and communication engineering Josephworked as a software programmer for three years. He later completed a post graduate degree in rural management and was associated with science policy based initiatives in the non-profit sector. He blogs at