Current STS Major Forms

All current STS major curriculum forms are uploaded to Google Drive and students will only have viewer access. To make changes and keep your curriculum updated you'll need to complete the appropriate forms below and the SSO will edit your Google file for you. Please be sure to review your Google file prior to submitting your forms. 

Current Majors: Access your Google file here

Course Completion Form

All students should complete this form at the end of each quarter with the course name, number of units the course was taken for and grades earned for all courses counting towards their STS requirements. Upon receipt the Student Services Officer will update your STS curriculum plan accordingly. Please note that the grades and units will not be verified by our office until your final quarter so please report accurately!

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Course Change Request Form

This form is to be completed by students who would like to request any course or quarter changes be made to their approved curriculum plan. All changes MUST be approved by the Student Services Officer. Students should plan at least one quarter in advance when possible. Students will be notified of the status of their request via notifications from Google Drive typically within 2 business days. During busy periods, such as the end of the academic year, response time may be slower.

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Course Petition Form

The course petition form is to be completed if you would like to have a course that is not approved for your concentration applied to your individual curriculum plan. Students may have a maximum of two petitions applied to their plan.

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Course Nomination Form

The course nomination form is to be completed if you would like to nominate a course to be added to our approved course list. Courses may be nominated by students, staff or faculty and are reviewed annually in June/July by our faculty committee.

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Honors Program Application Form

This form is used to apply to the STS Honors Program.

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Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Form

CPT is available for declared STS majors maintaining a valid F-1 visa during the school year (additional information on CPT eligibility can be found on the Bechtel International Center website). Students obtain an internship in a relevant research or industrial activity to enhance their professional experience consistent with their STS degree program and area of concentration. The student is responsible for arranging their own internship and must obtain an offer letter before submitting the CPT proposal form for the STS Program Director's evaluation and approval. Once approved, the student may enroll in STS 199A, offered every quarter, for 1 unit. At the end of the quarter, a one-page final report must be submitted to the STS Program Director documenting work done and relevance to degree program.

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