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Note: You must be formally declared as STS in order to submit a course petition.

Course InformatiON  

STS majors on the new curriculum may petition only one course (subject to staff approval) from outside the list of approved courses to count toward their STS concentration (courses may not be petitioned for the core). Courses eligible for petition include courses that would be unlikely additions to our permanent curriculum. For example, a course offered outside of Stanford/BOSP/SIW, a course not offered regularly, or an independent study section. Note: Petitions should be for upper-division coursework, not courses intended for freshmen or sophomores. 

Your rationale must provide a compelling justification for using that course in lieu of one from the list of pre-approved courses, keeping in mind the spirit of the requirement in question and the appropriateness of the proposed course. If the course is one taken at another institution, Stanford must award you Stanford credit for the course if it is to be applied to any STS major requirement. (If you would like to nominate a course for permanent inclusion in one or more of the thematic concentration area course menu(s), you should complete the course nomination form.)

You must include a course syllabus with your petition. If there is no website url, please indicate how you will provide the syllabus (you may email it to or drop it by the STS office).

Submitted petitions to the STS Program will be referred to the Associate Director and final action will be communicated to the student via email.

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