The requirements and course lists below are for the new STS curriculum (effective 9/1/12). A PDF hard copy of the new curriculum is available here but please note that our website and ExploreCourses host the most up-to-date information. 

If you declared STS on the prior curriculum (before 9/1/12) you can download the B.A. requirements here and the B.S. requirements here.

If you declared on or after 9/1/13 you must receive a grade of C or higher in each core course. 

STS 1: Gateway course with section (5 units)

STS 1 offers both majors and non-majors a rich introduction to the field of STS, providing historical and contemporary case studies and a survey of key concepts and methods. It is team-taught, and includes a required discussion section.

NOTE: Students may use STS 101 or 101Q to fulfill this requirement, if completed prior to September 2012

STS Perspectives (20 or more units)

Select 2 courses from each of the following areas: Social Scientific Perspectives, Cultural and Historical Perspectives, and Science and Engineering Perspectives. One of the 6 courses must fulfill the WIM requirement. Students may not double-count courses in the core and concentration area.

Social Science Perspectives Courses

Cultural and Historical Perspectives Courses

Science and Engineering Perspectives Courses

Capstone Courses (5-10 Units)