We encourage STS majors to apply for admission to our Honors Program. An honors project is equivalent to a capstone course and one Socio-Cultural concentration course. Since the program was launched in 1978, STS honors students have carried out a wide array of innovative research projects. Honors projects present a unique opportunity to pursue one's intellectual interests in depth, work closely with a faculty advisor, and develop a new set of research and analytical skills that are broadly applicable. STS honors signals expertise in a given field, organizational skills, and intellectual rigor, and students have used them as a springboard for graduate studies and for careers in fields such as information technology, entrepreneurship, finance, public policy, media, education, law, medicine, and the nonprofit sector. Often, the thesis project proves to be among the most rewarding and memorable experiences in a student's academic career at Stanford, as well as an important intellectual milestone. An STS honors thesis tackles a significant problem or question related to a particular area of STS. Students draw research methods from one or more of the disciplines that shape STS, such as history, sociology, communication, anthropology, environmental science, computer programming/modeling, engineering, economics, political science, and art history. Past honors projects are on file in the STS Office.

Download Honors Information & Application Form.