The Stanford Program in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) invites STS majors to apply for admission to its Honors Program. The innovative research projects carried out by STS honors students since the program was launched in 1978 represent meaningful achievements for their authors and academic advisers. Honors projects have also served students well after graduation, providing a springboard for graduate studies and for careers in fields such as information technology, entrepreneurship, finance, public policy, media, education, law, medicine and the nonprofit sector. Not only do honors students become experts in a specialized field of interest, but the honors designation signifies intellectual rigor and a demonstrated ability to pursue original research. These skills are broadly marketable even outside of the specific area of expertise, and serve individuals well upon graduating from college. An STS honors thesis tackles a significant problem or question related to a particular area of STS. To develop the thesis, students develop research methods drawn from one or more of the disciplines that shape STS. Past honors projects are on file in the STS Office.

Download Honors Information & Application Form.