Jim DeLaHunt

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I am happily working as an entrepreneurial software  engineer, specialising in multilingual websites, internationalization, and  straightforward software development. The thematic concentration of my  undergraduate STS program was titled "Cross-Cultural Aspects of Technology".  It was laced with a stiff shot of Anthropology. And cross-cultural aspects of  technology have been a through line of my career in the technology industry  since then. I've helped Japanese publishing software makers learn how to do  find Japanese text layout using PostScript technology. I've helped US  software makers learn how to extend their architectures to support Chinese,  Japanese, and Korean fonts. I've been a part of an industry that has learned  how to make a word processor or operating system able to use virtually all  the world's writing systems, no matter where in the world you are.  I  emigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 2005. I currently am nuturing a music  charity technology startup, called the Keyboard Philharmonic, which aims to  enlist music lovers to help transcribe all public domain classical music and  opera scores into digital formats — high-quality, revisable, easily usable  on tablets, shareable — and to give those scores away for free. Think  Project Gutenberg meets Wikipedia, and gets to work on music scores.