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Science, Technology and Society launches two new concentrations

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Sep 15 2020
The Program in Science, Technology & Society announces two new concentrations: 

Catastrophic Risks and Solutions will let students explore how natural, technological, economic, political, and social dimensions of catastrophic risks interact. For example, students might study how technological choices, history, socioeconomic status, and geography combine to shape which groups are most vulnerable to climate change. Or they might examine the factors that govern risk perception and willingness to pay for mitigation, and how those factors play out differently with respect to major risks. Policy studies of particular risk-mitigation measures would be another avenue open to students in this concentration. 

The concentration in Social Dynamics of Data and Information (SDDI) allows students to study how data, information, and information technology (IT) both shape and are shaped by social action and social change. SDDI students can choose to study any form of data and information, from human language and writing to computers, social media, “big data,” machine learning, and artificial intelligence.