Sherwin Chen

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I am currently general counsel at Color Genomics,  Inc., a local Bay Area start-up founded by ex-Google and ex-Twitter execs,  focused on democraticizing access to personal genetic data. Our first test  offering, the Color Hereditary Cancer Test, costs a fraction of the  established cancer tests offered by Myriad and Ambry, and has already changed  the rules on making genetic testing available to more people. Prior to  working with Color, I was chief counsel for Ariosa Diagnostics, a CLIA lab  which developed safe, prenatal genetic tests using NGS technologies. After  graduating from the Stanford Program in STS, I completed my Masters in  Science and Technology Studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with  Langdon Winner as my advisor. It's humbling to see our academic theses at  Stanford and RPI come to life in industry and law, not more than two decades  after this new technology became widely implemented.