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STS Affiliated Faculty Lochlan Jain Receives Guggenheim Award

Jain Guggenheim
Theo & Juliet
Apr 9 2021

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Lochlann Jain is a professor of anthropology. Jain’s scholarship intersects between science and technology studies, history, political economy, gender and sexuality, biology and medicine. In particular, Jain’s work aims to unsettle some of the deeply held assumptions about objectivity that underlie the politics and history of medical research.

During the fellowship period, Jain plans to develop the concept of “The WetNet” which refers to fluid bonding among humans and animals in ways that create pathways for the transmission of pathogens. As Jain explains: “Specifically, I’m interested in the ways that human and animal effluvia have been exchanged in mid-century bioscientific practices such as blood harvesting and transfusion, and vaccine development and testing.”