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STS launches series on Race in Science, Technology, and Medicine

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Sep 15 2020

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What are the roles of race and racism in science, technology, and medicine?

The STS Program and 17 other Stanford centers, programs and departments are collaborating to host a weekly speaker series on this controversial subject. In Fall 2020, the STS 51A Race in Science course explores how race affects scientific work. Race in Technology follows in Winter 2021, with Race in Medicine coming in Spring.

Weekly guest speakers will address such issues as the history and anthropology of race and racism; how race, language, and culture affect education; race in climate science and environmental justice; the history of racialized scientific experiments; and the role of race in genomic research. Talks will take a variety of forms, from panel discussions to interviews and lectures.

The series is open to all members of the Stanford Community with a SUNET ID. Advance registration is required. More information