Zinnia Horne

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Zinnia is a Product Operations Lead at Facebook,  where she researches ways to improve the user experience and partners closely  with various teams to implement new features and experiments.  After  graduating with a B.S. in STS, she joined Google where she began her career  and primarily focused on developing user products within the mobile  ecosystem. More recently, she went back to her hometown of Philadelphia to  attain her MBA from Wharton. While at Wharton she was the Executive Director  of Club Operations, led the BizOps Startup Pavilion, and consulted with local  small business owners in the Small Business Development Center. In her spare  time, Zinnia is an avid practicer of mindfulness and co-authored Show Up as  Your Best Self  (https://www.amazon.com/Show-Your-Best-Self-Meditation/dp/1523787198) in  2017.