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Student Liasion

Who is the Student Liaison?

The primary purpose of this position is to serve as the liaison for the program in Science, Technology, and Society dedicated to building community and establishing relationships between it's students, alumni, and affiliated faculty members.

Kevin Hsu

Kevin came to Stanford knowing he wanted to take a wide variety of classes that interested him and strike an academic balance between the humanities, social sciences, and engineering. He decided to major in Science, Technology, and Society for its diverse course offerings as well as its overall flexibility, which has allowed him to spend part of his 2016 summer in the Netherlands and study in both Berlin and New York during his junior year! On campus, Kevin is involved with the Stanford Daily Newspaper, Delta Kappa Epsilon, and previously sang for Stanford Raagapella. Growing up near 3 international airports in the Bay Area, Kevin has always been passionate about commercial airlines, trains and travel. He hopes to pursue a career in aviation, business, and finance after graduation.