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Student Liasion

Who is the Student Liaison?

The primary purpose of this position is to serve as the liaison for the program in Science, Technology, and Society dedicated to building community and establishing relationships between it's students, alumni, and affiliated faculty members.

Callie Hoon

Callie Hoon

Callie Hoon is an undergraduate student studying Science, Technology, and Society, Sociology, and Art History.  She was born in Singapore and attended boarding school in Deerfield, MA, where she fell in love with writing as a storytelling device. At Stanford, Callie is intrigued by biotechnology and healthcare, and their intersections with culture and politics.  She is excited to contribute to this dialogue between the sciences and humanities. Callie hopes to encourage students to respond reflectively to modern technological challenges, and extend their inquiry across various scholarly fields.  After Stanford, Callie is joining Goldman Sachs in its Investment Banking Division in New York.  On campus, Callie is also the Co-President of Cap and Gown Women’s Honor Society, the longest-running Stanford student organization. She also leads or has led eight other student groups in executive roles.  In her free time, Callie enjoys wine tasting and playing squash.