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How to Declare


Talking to a Peer Advisor: The STS Peer Advisors are well versed with the program and can advise you on everything from understanding the field of STS to creating a coherent course plan. If you have course related questions you would like to ask before you declare, stop by the Peer Advisor walk-in office hours.  While creating your curriculum plan keep in mind that it is important that your plan shows intellectual focus, coherence and has a clear narrative of study.

Checking in with the Student Services Officer (SSO): Additionally, the Student Services Officer will be able to help in answering any general questions related to the scope and content of the program. Please feel free to schedule an appointment if you have program specific questions.

Taking STS 1: It is strongly recommended that you complete our introductory course, STS 1: The Public Life of Science and Technology, before declaring the major. STS 1 introduces core concepts in the field and provides a foundation for future work. *All STS students are required to take this course for a letter grade.

**The STS declaration process does not happen same-day, and can take up to a few weeks so please plan accordingly.  You are encouraged to have your curriculum form approved by a Peer Advisor before the end of Week 9, Spring Quarter, to declare before Summer.

STEPS TO DECLARE, students must:

1.  Create a proposed curriculum plan using either the B.A. Curriculum Plan Template for New Majors or the B.S. Curriculum Plan Template for New Majors. Look through the approved courses to find potential classes for both the STS CORE as well as your concentration area. (Students looking for guidance to create a plan are encouraged to meet with the Peer advisors during their walk-in office hours).  It is important to note that all degree courses must:

  • be taken for a letter grade if offered,
  • for at least 3 units - even if the course offers registration for fewer credits. Please take a moment to review the additional program policies.

2.  Obtain Peer Advisor approval. Meet with a Peer Advisor during their walk-in office hours.  If possible please email your curriculum plan prior to your meeting to  If the Peer Advisor verifies that your plan meets all STS requirements, they will let you know the following steps to schedule a declaration appointment with the Student Services Officer.

3.  Schedule a declaration appointment with the Student Services Officer.  (Again, it is HIGHLY ADVISED to complete Steps 1-5 PRIOR Spring Quarter Week 9 to declare before Summer).

4.  Complete the following forms and declare STS in Axess

5.  Attend declaration appointment with Student Services Officer.

6.  Wait for Associate Director’s final approval and access to your curriculum form in Box.  If Associate Director, Dr. Sato, has comments or concerns about your curriculum plan she will either provide suggestions of how to strengthen your curriculum or will ask that you meet with her during her office hours.


As an STS major you must notify STS of all of your curriculum changes and updates prior to completing courses.  While courses within your concentration may be on the approved course list, they might not create the clear narrative that we require of all our majors.  All change requests must be submitted in the first two weeks of the applicable quarter for review.

Review the STS Program Polices as are you held accountable for the information as a major.