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Submit to Intersect!

How to Submit:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “register” on the header.
  3. Fill out the form provided. Click “Author” under “Register As.”
  4. Click the link under “Make a New Submission.”
  5. Fill out each form as prompted.

View more detailed submission instructions here.

Requirements for Submissions:

  1. Address at least two of the components of Science, Technology, and Society
  2. Be in APA format
  3. Include an abstract
  4. Include sources and citations
  5. Format in Microsoft Word, RTF, or Word Perfect
  6. Be willing to have submission go through blind peer review process
  7. Be willing to work with the Intersect editing team in communicating about and revising the submission in the timeframe of the issue
  8. Not formerly published or to be published in another journal, website, or other publication

Types of Submissions:

  • Research Articles: These articles report on original research conducted by the authors or are review articles that synthesize, organize and draw conclusions about a field of research. They should be 4,000-6,000 words in length, including the bibliography, with tables and figures welcomed.
  • Papers/Essays: Very similar to research articles, though can be grounded in areas other than research. Papers written for classes are welcomed.
  • Thesis Chapters: Excerpts from honors theses written for departmental or interdisciplinary honors programs. All references within an excerpt must be fully documented.
  • Book Reviews: Reviews of recent and older books of relevance and import for the field of STS are welcomed. Reviews, of close to 1,000 words, should be headed by complete bibliographic information on the book, including price. They should take a position on the book’s contribution to STS, considering the work's value and relevance, its style and method, as well as its shortcomings. These reviews are intended to serve as a helpful guide for our principal audience of students in this field.
  • Editorials: Opinion-oriented works that take a position on issues in STS (typically less research-intensive than articles).
  • Interviews: Edited transcript of interview with expert in STS about an STS-related issue. Should include a short bio of the interviewee, including name, title, position, research/focus area, and other relevant information.
  • Multimedia: Design-intensive works (for example, videos, web sites, user interfaces, technology design projects), with a description of creation process and relevance to STS included.


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