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The Program in Science, Technology, and Society is a dynamic interdisciplinary major that provides students with a liberal arts education for the twenty-first century.



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Featured Faculty Publication

The Intellectual Properties of Learning: A Prehistory from Saint Jerome to John Locke

Providing a sweeping millennium-plus history of the learned book in the West, John Willinsky puts current debates over intellectual property into context, asking what it is about learning that helped to create the concept even as it gave the products of knowledge a different legal and economic standing than other sorts of property.

Sawyer Altman
The ideas that I uncovered in the STS Honors Program will help generally frame my outlook on the world and help me shape my personal and professional philosophies as I go. The communicative skills are universally-relevant. My deepened understanding of the process of producing public knowledge gives me a strong foundation as a citizen and thinker.
Sawyer Altman, STS Honors Program