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Faculty Spotlights

Each quarter we like to spotlight one of our STS faculty members who is making an impact in the program. You can check out current and past Faculty Spotlights below!

Spring 2024 Spotlight

Angele Christin

Angèle Christin: Associate Professor of Communication and, by courtesy, Sociology

Professor Christin discovered STS through the work of Bruno Latour. 

When they were a Master's student in France, Professor Christin spent a year conducting ethnographic fieldwork in a criminal court located in the outskirts of Paris. They were interested in how judges and prosecutors made decisions about defendants, and how racial bias played a role in this process...

                                                              Click here to learn more about Professor Christin

Spring 2022 Spotlight


Professor Fred Turner in a headshot with a black button up shirt

Fred Turner: Harry & Norman Chandler Professor of Communication, and by courtesy of History and Art & Art History 

Professor Turner discovered the STS discipline by “Sorting Things Out”.

Prior to teaching at Stanford he was a Communications Professor at both Harvard and MIT, however, his STS roots have even earlier origins. When says when he was in grad school, "[o]ne of my professors turned me on to Geof Bowker and Susan Leigh Star's book "Sorting Things Out" -- and suddenly all the social work..."

                                                                        Click here to learn more about Professor Turner

Winter 2022 Spotlight

Professor Xiaochang Li in a headshot with a black shirt.

Xiaochang Li: Assistant Professor, Communication

Professor Li found STS through friends.

Prior to joining Stanford, Professor Li was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Epistemes of Modern Acoustics at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. She received her PhD from the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University and a Master’s Degree in Comparative Media Studies from MIT....

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Autumn 2021 Spotlight

Professor Adam Banks in a headshot with a white button up shirt

Adam Banks: Professor, Graduate School of Education

Professor Banks takes a different approach.

Even on his Stanford profile, Adam Banks describes himself as the following: "Committed teacher. Midnight Believer. A Slow Jam in a Hip Hop world. My scholarship lies at the intersections of writing, rhetoric and technology issues...."

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