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Peer Advisors

Who are the Peer Advisors?

The STS Peer Advisors work closely with the Student Services Officer and serve as a resource for initial questions about major course planning, departmental policies, and the declaration process. The Peer Advisors have completed a special training that augments their knowledge of the STS curriculum and can offer valuable student insight on the major. All students interested in declaring must first meet with a Peer Advisor to review their curriculum proposal. Meetings are drop-in only (no appointments) and questions can be directed to


Julia Cornacchia

Office Hours: Thursdays 10:00am- 12:00pm PST
Office: Virtual
Innovation and Organization

Julia is a senior from Connecticut who joined Stanford as a student athlete on the women’s rowing team. When thinking about what major she wanted to pursue, Julia was initially deciding between MS&E, Economics, and Product Design. She was interested in the entrepreneurial and creative aspects of Product Design, but also wanted to study finance and learn more about markets. STS was the perfect fit as it allowed her to find a unique combination of her interests. She was able to petition in two finance classes to be included alongside courses in CS and PD for her technical requirements, as well as take classes that explore the political and social roles of technology. Aside from the ability to personalize her concentration, one of Julia’s favorite things about STS is that it emphasizes the importance of both technical knowledge and socio-cultural impact. Come talk to her about how you can make STS fit your interests or any other questions you might have!

Celine Foster

Office Hours: Mondays 1:00pm-3:00pm
Office: Virtual
Communication and Media

Celine is a senior who initially arrived at Stanford split between studying political science or communication, and quickly discovered STS as the academic synthesis of her interest in those fields and technology. Celine now studies STS with an emphasis in Media and Communication Studies. STS empowered her to approach her academic experience from a multi-faceted lens. At Stanford, Celine is an RA, a member of Stanford Women in Business, a class president, and a staff member at Cardinal Nights. Outside of Stanford, she has leveraged her STS education with roles in tech and consulting. Come talk to her about designing an STS pathway that works for you!