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Individual Curriculum Package Policy Form

The Program in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) is an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program that allows you the flexibility to design an individual curriculum package around your academic interests within the field of STS.

Your initial curriculum plan - and all future changes - will be reviewed and approved by the STS Associate Director and Undergraduate Advisor. Each individual plan is reviewed as a whole to ensure intellectual coherence, engagement with foundational ideas and approaches in STS, and strengths in both the humanities and social sciences and in science and engineering. Specifically, your humanities and social science sequence must expose you to key STS analytical approaches; your science and engineering sequence must allow you to develop strong technical expertise in at least one area.

Once approved, all future changes must be submitted in the first two weeks of the applicable quarter for review since not all pre-approved courses from the course menu may be approved for your individual curriculum package. You are strongly encouraged to plan at least one quarter in advance. Please be aware: last-minute unapproved changes may not be approved for graduation.