Welcome New STS Lecturer Alice Fox

Alice Fox

Dr. Alice Fox started as a new lecturer in the STS Department this year. She is currently teaching STS 144: Adventures in Video Gaming and Society in the Autumn Quarter and will be co-teaching STS 200W: Are We Really All Cyborgs?: Bodies as Technoscience with Dr. Kyoko Sato in the Winter.  Her research interests include the interplay of video games and society, ethics, and philosophy of technology.

Dr. Fox studies the interrelational dynamics of socio-technical systems and artifacts. “I frequently rely upon new and emerging theories and methods within and between post-phenomenology, post-humanism, Constructed Grounded Theory, and Thinking with Theory.” writes Fox, “I often work collaboratively and seek to merge ideas across various disciplines to generate creative and novel approaches to multi-dimensional problems. I focus on critical pedagogy approaches in the classroom, and I strive to cultivate sharp and compassionate students. “

Prior to teaching at Stanford, Dr. Fox taught Introduction to STS, Adventures in Video Games and Society, Technology & Disability, amongst others. In her free time, she can be found playing games (digital and analog), quilting, gardening, or hanging out with her dog, Nightshade.